Mind Blowing Facts About NC Real Estate


Mind Blowing Facts About NC Real EstateWant some MIND BLOWING FACTS about NC Real Estate?

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Client Testimonials

Buying a home in North Carolina is not like buying in other states. It is important that you understand all of the nuances associated with our real estate rules, etc. I take great pride ensuring that all of my buyers are fully educated about the real estate process so they have a smooth and exceptional experience. It is critical that I examine and explain the current market conditions so that you can secure a home with the best terms and conditions for the moment.

Nina is an incredibly knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring advocate throughout the home buying process. She notices the little and important details and isn’t shy about providing an honest opinion so you can find the right home at a good value.


I’m a first time home buyer/owner and our realtor was Nina Gervase. I must say she is an angel who helped us a lot , had answers for all our questions and assisted us in getting a perfect home. She gave us lot of reference/contacts to approach for different home related stuffs. She is very knowledgeable and gave us all the information needed to make the right decision. I would strongly recommend her.

Sheeja Ramesh babu

I am so thankful we had Nina as our realtor. Not only did she assist us with the sale of our home she was there to guide us through the construction process for our new home. She is knowledgeable, professional, and passionate. Nina is there to support her customers from beginning to end. She really takes the time to know her clients and guide them through the entire process.


Nina Gervase is an extra ordinary realtor agent. She is amazing in so many ways for example even after a year of our business correspondence she not only checks on me but also comes in as an aid for any small or big house improvement needs. She is absolutely fantastic!! I would have not gotten a better person than her to help me with my house…I recommend her to anyone out there looking for a great reliable person and experience with buying houses

Arti Patel

Nina was extremely helpful guiding us in our purchase of first property in NC. We were not at all familiar with the NC regulations around property purchase and she led us and interpreted the laws and regulations so that we could have a smooth purchase and closing. She was available and always had the answers we needed. She initiated several consultations at the appropriate time so that we were always ready for any next steps in the purchase process. We were quite pleased with the service she was able to provide.


Nina is incredible! As a first time homebuyer in an insanely competitive market, it would have been easy to feel out of my depth, but Nina helped me navigate the process with confidence. She was patient and informative, and I never had any doubt that her priority was that I get the house of my dreams. It was never about her-she listened to my wants and needs the whole way, and I was so grateful. She provided knowledge and expertise without ever being pushy or overwhelming, and was always positive and friendly. I recommend her to anyone who’s in need of an agent!