Should I Buy or Rent in this Market?

For many people, homeownership is the American dream.  In today’s real estate market, where prices are soaring and interest rates fluctuate, that dream can feel further and further out of reach. So, should you buy now or continue to rent? Let’s explore both options. Benefits of Buying a Home Owning a home offers numerous benefits […]

How To Choose Trusted Vendors

Who Are Real Estate Vendors? Ever wonder who real estate vendors are? The list includes: mortgage brokers/lenders real estate attorney home inspectors property surveyors property appraisers structural engineers roofing contractors crawl space contractors painters flooring contractors general contractors These people play critical roles to the real estate process. How Do You Find Trusted Real Estate […]

Under Contract Next Steps (Buyer)

Congratulations! Winning a home in a competitive market is a remarkable feat that you should be proud and excited about! Now that you’re under contract, I’m sure you are wondering what your next steps are. I have laid out a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate the weeks ahead leading to your closing. Remember […]

Can I get my deposit back?

There are two different deposits in North Carolina. So when a buyer asks if they can get their deposit back, we have to qualify which deposit they are actually talking about. (Please read my article explaining about the different deposits here.) Before we even talk about getting deposits back, let me begin by clearing up […]

7 Steps to a Seamless Move

While moving is never simple, these 7 steps serve as an action plan to get you started. 1. Gather Information: If you’re unfamiliar with your new area, start by doing some research. * Look for data on housing prices, demographics, school rankings and crime statistics.* Map out major interstates and public transit routes.* Check out local newspapers, […]

Back-up offer? I can do that?

(I get a lot of questions about this topic, and there is a lot to explain! So grab a cup of tea or whatever you like, take a comfy seat and dive in… this is a long one!) It’s always a blow to a buyer when a house that they love went under contract and […]

Does the seller have to fix everything on the inspection report?

I get this question all the time. In some states this might very well be the case, but not in North Carolina. So what can a buyer expect in NC after the inspection report comes back? Let’s begin by looking at North Carolina’s Offer To Purchase And Contract. “(d) Repair/Improvement Negotiations/Agreement: Buyer acknowledges and understands […]

Appraisals And How They Affect Negotiations

Ah appraisals… the one piece of the real estate puzzle that buyers, sellers, agents and lenders truly have no control over. Not having control can be scary and frustrating. So what is an appraisal and how does it affect the buying process? If you are obtaining a loan for your new home purchase, there is […]