Home Inspection Guide

A home inspection is a pivotal moment in the real estate journey, whether you’re buying or selling a property. It’s an in-depth examination of a home’s condition, revealing its strengths and weaknesses. Understanding what to expect during a home inspection can help both buyers and sellers navigate this crucial step with confidence. A home inspection […]

North Carolina For Sale By Owner

Why Sell For Sale By Owner Are you a homeowner this is considering selling as a “for sale by owner” (or FSBO)? Perhaps you want to save the money by not paying commission. Have you sold a home before and believe you can do it again? Do you feel the market is strong enough for […]

Benefits Of A Sellers Agent

As your sellers’ agent, I will protect and promote your best interest and offer you the following services: Explain the entire home selling process to you Protect your confidential information and best interest at all times Negotiate on your behalf, striving to get the best price and conditions for you Determine the value of your […]